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Family Therapy

Family Therapy for Addiction

Alcoholism and Addiction are in many ways familial illnesses. There are often times genetic components to these illnesses, meaning that the lineage of their onset may stretch back generations. There are often times cases where the parents of the addict or alcoholic also suffered or are currently suffering, from these illnesses and there may even be brothers, sisters, uncles, or cousins who are afflicted. Yet beyond the genetic component, alcoholism and addiction affect the family in ways that not many other illnesses do.

For instance, the mother of an addict or alcoholic will, through most days of the active addiction, be preoccupied on some level with the safety of their child. They may spend sleepless nights wondering if tonight is going to be the night they receive a phone call from the police or if tonight is going to be the night that an overdose occurs. They may be beside themselves for years at a time, feeling helpless in the face of their child’s addiction, and being totally unaware of what they can do to help.

Besides this there is also the constant dishonesty that comes with addiction and this dishonesty can greatly skew even the strongest of relationships. People who live with an active addict or alcoholic will find that over time they are unable to differentiate between the true and the false. This is not a reflection of them as a person, but simply results from the fact that for years they have been constantly fed lies that have kept them in a constant state of guessing. This is enough to cause anyone to question their own thoughts and beliefs, as many alcoholics and addicts are profound and accomplished liars.

However, the issues that can occur within a family don’t stop just because the addict or alcoholic gets sober. Sometimes this will be the case, but more times then not the family will have to learn how interact with each other from a healthier point of view and the dishonesty of years past will have to be worked through.

Luckily, at Second Chance Counseling, we offer services so that you, the newly sober individual and their family can work through their issues in a safe and supportive environment. Rather than attempt to reestablish relationships on your own, through our Family Therapy, you can do this with the guidance of trained professionals who understand what your family needs in order to move forward.

What is Family Therapy?

Depending on the context, family therapy can mean a number of different things, but the family therapy that we offer at Second Chance Counseling focuses on mending broken relationships that occur due to alcoholism or addiction. Usually, this form of therapy consists of the newly sober individual, any family members that want to participate, and a therapist that can help guide them.

At Second Chance Counseling, our goal is to help the family navigate and process the experiences they have had over the past years. Often times when an individual gets sober there will be resentment, anger, and fear on both sides of the aisle and if these things are not dealt with, they can fester and cause problems down the road. Yet with professional guidance, you and your family can heal from the damage of the past, while learning to relate to each other from a sober mindset.

Addiction Is Family Disease
Our Loved Ones Feel It Too

It is not very likely that the family of the alcoholic or addict made it through their active addiction unscathed. The nature of addiction is one that causes a dramatic amount of pain and confusion among the people closest to the addict or alcoholic, and as such, often times family members will need help processing their emotions.

When this occurs in a setting like Family Therapy, the family and the addict or alcoholic have the best possible chance at recovering from the damage of the past and moving past it to a life of peace and happiness. The reason for this is because familial support is an important part of the addiction treatment process and when the family can heal from the resentment of the past, they are better able to help their loved one stay the course.

In a sense participating in Family Therapy is one of the more important things that an addict and their family can do during early recovery because it will set them up for continued success, as they learn how to communicate with each other and cope with any leftover feelings of hurt they may have.

Finding the Right Family Therapy For You

If you believe that you may have a problem with drugs or alcohol and you think that you may need to seek help, then call our staff at Second Chance Counseling today at 1-614-635-9011. Our experienced staff is standing by to help you in any way that we can. We understand how difficult a decision it can be to ask for help, and we know that what you are currently experiencing is tough. So give us a call today and let us help you on your journey into recovery.