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Diversion/Education Program

Diversion/Education Program

One of the unfortunate side effects of addiction and alcoholism is trouble with the law. On average most alcoholics and addicts will have some sort of run-in with the police during the course of their addiction, either because of how intoxicated they are or as a result of the actions they take in order to get more of their chosen substance.

This is the reality that many addicts and alcoholics live with every day, as they understand when they wake up in the morning that today is the day they could possibly be arrested. For a person with addiction issues, this is the worse case scenario because if this happens, not only will they have to deal with the legal ramifications of their actions, but they also run the risk of experiencing withdrawals while in custody, and having their addiction potentially exposed to friends, family members, and employers.

Luckily, many times addicts or alcoholics have the ability to intervene before the start of their legal proceedings and they can participate in jail diversion programs, like Second Chance Counseling’s Jail Diversion Program.

At our Jail Diversion Program, we understand that what you are currently experiencing is profound and overwhelming. We understand that not only are you suffering from an illness that controls your thoughts and actions, but you are now facing legal problems because of this illness. The position that you are in may seem dire and hopeless, but throughout the Jail Diversion Program, you can find recovery and the life you have always wanted.

What is a Diversion/Education Program?

A diversion/education program, like the kind we offer through Second Chance Counseling, is a program of treatment that is undertaken in lieu of incarceration. Sometimes this form of treatment can be court appointed, where a judge will order an individual to complete substance abuse treatment or risk going to jail, while other times it can be a preventative measure taken by the addict or alcoholic before court.

At SCC's Jail Diversion/Education Program, we seek to help those individuals who are facing legal trouble, overcome their addiction so that they never have to return to court or face the possibility of incarceration. The type of program that we offer is not simply just a means to avoid jail time, but rather it can offer the individual an entirely new way of life, one free from drugs and alcohol, and free from the threat of losing their freedom.

Who Can Benefit from a Diversion/Education Program?

Mental illnesses and addiction are really the only two forms of illness that can result in an individual being incarcerated. A person who suffers from diabetes will more than likely never end up in jail because of their illness, but when it comes to addiction this is just not the case.

As a result there needs to be diversion programs so that people who suffer from addiction or alcoholism, and run afoul of the law, can have a fighting chance at avoiding being swept up into the system.

Many alcoholics and addicts are good people who do bad things because they are driven by a compulsion that is too strong for them to fight. They do not want to have to steal money from friends and loved ones, and they do not want to have to drink until they blackout, but when it comes to addiction, the desires of the individual are often times not a factor in decision making.

This is not to entirely excuse the actions of the addict or alcoholic, but rather it puts them into context, so we can understand the people who would need a program like our Diversion program- they are people who have made choices, which resulted in their arrest, but just because they were arrested doesn’t mean that they cannot get and stay sober and turn their lives around. In fact many times an arrest can be the catalyst to change, as long the individual has access to the proper treatment.

At Second Chance Counseling, we believe that everyone deserves a second chance, and we believe that through proper counseling and proper support anyone and everyone can recover from addiction.

Finding the Diversion/Education Program For You

If you believe that you may have a problem with drugs or alcohol and you think that you may need to seek help, then call the professionals at Second Chance Counseling today at 1-614-635-9011. Our trained staff is standing by to help you in any way that we can. We understand how difficult a decision it can be to ask for help, and we know that what you are currently experiencing is tough. So give us a call today and let us help you on your journey into recovery.