Who Could Benefit from an Outpatient Program in Columbus, Ohio?

While every addict or alcoholic could benefit from our Ohio Outpatient Program the people who attend our program usually fall into two categories: those who are stepping down from a higher level of care, and those who are directly attending our OP program.

The former group is those described above and they are individuals who need the added support and structure that an Outpatient Program can offer as they transition out of treatment and back into their daily lives. What OP will offer them is the ability to have a safe space they go to, a number of times a week, where they can discuss what is going on with them and learn coping skills for dealing with life without drugs or alcohol.

If they are having a problem with their family they can help get help from one of our many counselors in dealing with this situation. If they are having relation troubles or problems at work, we can help with that as well. At our Ohio Outpatient Program, we are equipped to help guide you through anything that life can bring and help you to handle it all without having to resort to drinking or using drugs.

The latter group of individuals who attend our Outpatient Program are people who cannot, for whatever reason, go away for treatment for an extended period of time. Many times these people will have responsibilities that they cannot get away from, but yet they still need help with their addiction issues. For these individuals, our Ohio Outpatient Program is a perfect match because it gives them the flexibility to continue on with their responsibilities and still get the support and care they need in order to overcome their addiction.

They will be able to attend group and individual therapy sessions in a manner that makes sense with their current schedule, and since there isn’t a break in their life, they will be able to learn how to deal with real life situations, in real time, as they occur. If they are experiencing trouble with their spouse they can get the support they need in order to navigate that scenario, and likewise for anything else that may come up during their treatment process.

Finding the Right Outpatient Program For You

If you believe that you may have a problem with drugs or alcohol and you think that you may need to seek help, then call the professionals at Second Chance Counseling today at 1-614-635-9011. Our trained staff is standing by to help you in any way that we can. We understand how difficult a decision it can be to ask for help, and we know that what you are currently experiencing is tough. So give us a call today and let us help you on your journey into recovery.