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In Lieu of Conviction Assessment

Ohio Law Allows Conviction Alternative for Eligible Offenders

Offenders who are interested in ILC and who appear eligible must undergo an assessment with a certified addiction services provider, psychiatrist, psychologist, social worker or other credentialed professional, as ordered by the court. A written report of the assessment is provided to the court and includes a recommended treatment and/or intervention plan.

How does an offender successfully complete ILC?

To successfully complete ILC, an offender must abstain from drugs and alcohol for 12 consecutive months, participate in treatment and recovery services, submit to random drug and alcohol testing, as well as any other terms the court deems appropriate. In addition to drug and/or alcohol treatment, other requirements may include educational programs, counseling, community service, making financial restitution to the victim and weekly in-court reviews.

What Type of Criminal Charges are Eligible for ILC?

ILC is only available for those charged with certain felony charges such as those associated with drug and/or alcohol offenses.

Offenders are NOT eligible for ILC if they are charged with:
1) 1st, 2nd or 3rd-degree felonies;
2) crimes of violence or specifically identified felony drug offenses (such as corrupting others and illegal manufacture of drugs);
3) crimes subject to mandatory prison or jail time under Ohio law; or
4) crimes against the elderly, youth under age 13, or peace officers in the course of their employment.

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